Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Commitment is not a piece of cake~

We all want to be in a relationship at one point in our lives, but do we ever really stop and think about the true meaning of the responsibility of committing to a relationship?

Do we commit to a relationship like we commit to a piece of cake? (Silly analogy,  but effective)
As in, taking some time to think whether either is going to be distasteful once we commit.

Can you imagine how much serious pain and agony could have been avoided over the years if people would just take commitment more seriously and realize it is not just simply quenching a craving or a thirst?

Instinctively, we all want to be in a relationship, but again do we really understand the meanings behind the commitment?

Being of the human species, tends to set us up to be driven in a direction by our feelings, which in turn makes the matters of our heart weigh heavily on our decision making.
Hence the failure of relationships over and over again. 

We tend to commit for many of the wrong reasons or no reason at all. 
Once the reality of those flighty decisions begins to hold us accountable, all of a sudden the relationship is not so much fun anymore. All of a sudden we are looking for distractions or deflections from that reality. The reasons that blinded us in the beginning are now no longer recognizable. 

Are we mature or even educated enough to be aware of the importance of understanding what a relationship entails?

Maturity, education and/or experience are very instrumental in being able to not only commit to a relationship, but also to continue strengthening it as it grows.

Realistically..committing to a relationship is a very serious decision, one that should not ever be made out of lust, without serious thought, but mostly never taken lightly.

Commitment should never be taken lightly as it is proof of ones character and their ability to respect another.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Being Trapped in a Thought~

Do you know what it is like being Trapped in a thought ?
Escape is not an option.

What was a simple drip in your pool of thoughts, quickly turned into an ocean of tidal waves rolling into each other, over and over again. This is what it feels like to not have positive control over your mind.
Our minds often repeat hurtful thoughts or scenarios over and over, even when we'd much rather let them go. If you start really listening to your inner voice, you are probably dwelling on the past, remembering how someone may have let you down or how much anger you still hold back from being hurt. If you fear the challenges that are waiting for you or you are ashamed at where you are now in your life as compared to where you had planned on being, these fears will definitely be in line to play the mind game on you. All of these insecure or hurtful emotions that you once tucked away will come back to play when the game begins. The problem is, when they come back, you will not recognize them and this will be your first bad move. Now the mind game begins.

The game is of the mind, to confuse you in your thought process. When your mind is triggered even slightly by a word, a picture, or even a look what we want to do is to think positive, nice, sweet and safe thoughts. If you have the slightest opening in your mind the game will begin. It will take a thought and wait for your first emotional weakness. Then it will twist that thought and magnify it so that it feeds on that weakness and sends you into that ugly world of negative thinking.

You would give anything to shake off these negative thoughts, but we all know so well that it's easier said than done. Instead you struggle through your day feeling like you are a freak and that if you do not get a grip on this mind game and soon you will explode. All that you want is to be free of negative thoughts and be happy all the time.

You spend a lot of time thinking over negative feelings and sulking over regrets and misfortunes. The worst part is that the more you try to end this horrible game that twists your brain so tight, the worse it gets. You will try to avoid your hidden shames and worries or drown them with alcohol or drugs. All that happens when that little fix-it ends is that the mind game becomes stronger.
New thoughts continue, the game attacks again only to turn those thoughts against you. You can feel them escalate into negative scenarios in your mind, but at this point powerless. The power of the game is winning and you are now in the believing stage of the game. Your mind now believes your negative thoughts. You are forced to react and through this reaction the mind game soars and takes over even further. Now it not only controls you but it has also taken control of your entire world and whoever is in it at the time. You collapse from the draining feeling of failure once again. You feel that you will never be able to win this mind game. You feel that you will be a pawn for the rest of your days on earth. A doormat and a bug to stepped on over and over again because of your inability to gain strength and take control of your positive mind. So why not just give in? Why not just bow down whenever you fail to think positive thoughts? Well, I will tell you why you do not want to do that!

You are a human being with a heart and a brain. You were given the ability to feel emotions. Emotions such as: self-respect, self-esteem, humor, love, laughter, sexuality, self-confidence but most of all you were given intelligence and the will to survive. You were given the gift of life. Those are the reasons to fight. How to fight is also right there in front of you.

You are already aware of the mind game. Most of you have played it so long that you should be the champions by now. I have talked about habits many times and I will keep talking about them. Through habits you can defeat many of those mind games. Try to simplify your thoughts. The stronger the game tries to twist them the harder you work to shrink them.

I read about an interesting way to look at this. Think of your thoughts as a pop-up ad on your computer. You see it and then you don`t. Or it pops up and you simply delete it without giving it a second thought. Even if it was a negative pop-up you spend no time at all analyzing where it came from, you simply carry on with what you were doing. This is a good way to play, and win the game. Also another way to play and win is when your thought begins to twist through the negative game, start to vocalize it. Sing it quietly to yourself or hum outloud. This will confuse the game, and throw it off track. Immediately when you get a thought that seems to be fair game think of something very funny or a very sad movie that made you cry. A very good habit is to change your thought track. The game cannot keep up when the track is jumped. Be aware that your mind is a game field but you have to play it in order to win. If you do not play you will lose by defeat. SAD!!!

So my words to you is this : KICK IT`S BUTT


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Valentines Truism

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am going to share with you a little bit about this special day through my thoughts and also on how it was originally intended for the pleasure of the male as per the findings through folklore and historical facts. Here is a bit about what history has depicted as to how Valentine's Day began.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

What type of partner are you?

Relationships are made up of two people. Two people with very unique characteristics and different minds. Whether these qualities are genetically inherited or through learned behavior, matters not, as they are the characteristics that make us who we are right now.
Today we have many same sex relationships so I am not going to even speak of any gender specifics within these thoughts.
Giving that, a relationship consists of two minds, which in most cases have to work fairly hard at being compatible and finding some sort of happiness balance...the type of partner you are is vital to the success of your relationship.

There are so many different types of partners...which one are you?

Saturday, May 10, 2014



Mom's are caring
Mom's are direction
Mom's are our mentors
Mom's laugh because they love
Mom's know without being told
Mom's hear without even listening
Mom's cry in the quiet of their hearts
Mom's sigh without loosing their smile
Mom's do not always say, but they certainly always see
Mom's very being is the opening to our doorway to life
Mom's feel us even when we do not feel ourselves
Mom's even at their worse are still our mom's
Mom's are the true meaning of unconditional
Mom's are angels without wings
Mom's are why Dad's exist
Mom's are daughters too
Mom's are always there
 Mom's just are

~Mom's die and for this reason....
 we, the children should never take our Mom's for granted...not even one time~

~This is my collection of thoughts.. ..please feel free to add a few of your own to this list~

~HAPPY MOTHERS DAY .....to all of you beautiful Mom's~