Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Commitment is not a piece of cake~

We all want to be in a relationship at one point in our lives, but do we ever really stop and think about the true meaning of the responsibility of committing to a relationship?

Do we commit to a relationship like we commit to a piece of cake? (Silly analogy,  but effective)
As in, taking some time to think whether either is going to be distasteful once we commit.

Can you imagine how much serious pain and agony could have been avoided over the years if people would just take commitment more seriously and realize it is not just simply quenching a craving or a thirst?

Instinctively, we all want to be in a relationship, but again do we really understand the meanings behind the commitment?

Being of the human species, tends to set us up to be driven in a direction by our feelings, which in turn makes the matters of our heart weigh heavily on our decision making.
Hence the failure of relationships over and over again. 

We tend to commit for many of the wrong reasons or no reason at all. 
Once the reality of those flighty decisions begins to hold us accountable, all of a sudden the relationship is not so much fun anymore. All of a sudden we are looking for distractions or deflections from that reality. The reasons that blinded us in the beginning are now no longer recognizable. 

Are we mature or even educated enough to be aware of the importance of understanding what a relationship entails?

Maturity, education and/or experience are very instrumental in being able to not only commit to a relationship, but also to continue strengthening it as it grows.

Realistically..committing to a relationship is a very serious decision, one that should not ever be made out of lust, without serious thought, but mostly never taken lightly.

Commitment should never be taken lightly as it is proof of ones character and their ability to respect another.


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