Sunday, March 22, 2009


Q = Question asked
A = Typical answer
Q: What is your Body Image on a scale of 1-10?
A: 5
Q: How much time do you spend on improving your body image?
A: As much time as I can.
Q: How often do you worry about the battle of the perfect body?
A: Whenever I see another women I feel threatened by.
Q: What is your idea of a perfect body?
A: Someone tall, thin with good proportions. (not too big breasts, firm butt)
Q: How badly do you want to fit in?
A: So badly that I would have cosmetic
Q: How do you picture yourself?
A: Boring, not attractive by society`s standards. Definitely overweight.
Q: How do you feel being in your body?
A: I feel good being me until I see someone out there that I would much rather be.
Q: How do you think others see you?
A: They see me as I see myself.
Q: Do you want to look like Society's picture of the ideal body?
A: Yes, who wouldn't?
Hmmmm, do you feel this way about your body image?
Why are so many women in today's world so confused at how they should feel? Where have we lost our desires and contentedness in just being who we are? Why do we go over the line in our need to be perfect at what we do or how we look? The answers to these questions can be many.
Lets start with pornography, and media's idea of that perfect body image. These are two of the strongest body image addictions off our world and they both focus on the female body.
Pornography is giving the illusion of being desired, of importance and of acceptance; all of the wrong attention a women should desire. It Leaves them feeling used and worthless. When did we as women lose our control in how we see our bodies? When did we begin to hate our bodies to the point of paying huge amounts of dollars to cosmetic surgeons? With all the freedoms of our world today in our society, why do we allow ourselves to be slaves to this myth that only beauty can determine our self-worth? Still so many questions and so few answers.
Women are starving themselves and their children. They are bouncing from diet to diet, practicing gorging and purging. They are becoming even more obsessed with getting rid of what makes them a female by nature, their voluptuous bodies with it's curves and suppleness. Are we dieting ourselves literally to death? The phrase of , "Dieing to fit in" comes to mind. As I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph, children are being starved. Yes our own negative body image is corrupting our children's ideas of what body image is all about. Our children do not even have a chance to overpower what we ourselves have allowed to control us. They will only know what they are taught. They will be bred into "the world of fashion" and "to be thin is in". Do we want our children to grow up in the miserable prison of low self-worth that we are battling with even now? I think not.
In a recent poll by People Magazine, it is said that 80% of women stated that women on television, and magazines ads make them feel very insecure about their body image. It is also said that approx. 10% of females (all ages) in the USA are suffering from a diagnosed eating disorder ranging from, body isomorphic, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and another very horrible illness know as severe depression. Lets not forget that these illnesses lead to death for many of the victims.
A very sad picture, is what I am seeing. I have mentioned so many times in my articles that our world today has turned into a money sucking machine. Money is so the root of all evil! We are told that if we want to be the perfect body image, we have to look like this or walk like that. Grrrr. Makes me crazy.
When are we, as women, going to wake up and stop allowing someone that has never met us, to dictate to us what we should look like to feel better? When are we going to say no to the world that is working over time to sell, sell, sell? They are selling us, right down the river. We are buying into their game and they are winning. Every where we look our minds are brainwashed with images of the perfect body . How are we ever going to overpower this corruption of our minds? Every time I read a woman's desperate cries regarding how depressed she is because she feels that her husband is comparing her to a perfect body image, all I can feel is that again we are losing the battle. Women continue to fall victim to the lies and misinterpretations of what real beauty is. We must end this world of total bogus idealism's and do our own thinking.
Let us get back to basics. The basics of just being a unique person. The basics of feeling good about who we are no matter what others think. The basics of just striving to be healthy. The basics of knowing that we are all here for a reason, and that alone makes us a very important person. A persons external beauty will never outlast their inner beauty. Our external body image will fall and age. It is what's inside of us that will continue to grow and live life as it is meant to be lived. Life is there for us to enjoy. No one else on earth can be you! You are a very special individual. Your lips are yours and no one else's. Your hips are also yours and no one else has them. You are your very own body image!
You are a beautiful woman and you can feel good about you, if you would just start to understand that all the hype about the perfect body image is just that, Hype, to sell. Hype to take our money and fool us into believing what they want us to believe. It is pure garbage! So every time you see these so called perfect body images, smile and say, "Yes, but I am the real one and there is no one like me, there are thousands like you". Save your worries and your money and say NO to the media and its so called 'perfect body image'. Say YES to holding your head up high and walking with confidence. A confidence that will raise your self-esteem to its highest peaks. A confidence that will reveal a whole new sexual you. Ladies every time we do not feel good about our bodies, we are denying ourselves the freedom of dance, the taste of good food, and the ability to be a free spirit. To live, laugh and love. How can we do any of that when we waste so much of our time on earth worrying about our body image?
So lets change the world that we live in and remember, There is strength in numbers. We just have to walk the walk!
Now go and respect yourself and be proud to be a woman!




Anonymous said...

If we could just focus on the inside instead of the outside we would feel better about ourselves. Women are beautiful in and out but our society makes us feel less than if we let it. I personally feel that being beautiful on the inside makes us beautiful on the outside. That is where I work on myself the most.

Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Great post Dorothy, I agree with you 120%, every lady can look gorgeous if she puts her mind to it, it is no use looking at someone else and then want to be like that person cos that person more than like feels the same as the admirer, also not satisfied with herself... so thanks God that He made you what you are, that you have a healthy body and mind, cos there are millions out there who do not have that priveledge....

Anonymous said...

I have no ideal body ( my body image = 5) but I feel fine and fine

Joe Engressia said...

I can't say many words, because women is very difficult to guess. hihihihi :).
She always cry when feel sad and she don't want to tell me, what she is problem? huffffff.... I confused and don't know what i should do to make her calm... sorry dorothyl, if I tell it to U.hehehe :)

Duni said...

First and foremost, women, most notably in a western society, have to become AWARE that they are trapped in a negative mindset. Until they do, nothing will change.
I tutor a lot of girls, aged 10 - 18. I have noticed that even the very young ones are extremely influenced by the 'perfect' images (of women) they see on TV. It is a disturbing trend.



VanillaSeven said...

I am agree with AngelBaby, start focus more on the inside rather than outside, so that the beauty essence from inside overwhelmed what is on the outside. Exercise is important, but maybe we have to ask ourselves, are we exercise to get healthy and fit? or we exercise BECAUSE we are healthy and fit? :)

Anonymous said...

a very nice post as usual! most usual (like me) lack self confidence at times. i just hope that i can really be as confident as other women are.

thanks again for this one. i will surely keep on smiling!

maxi of and

Ron Centeno said...

It's all about being comfortable in your own body, whatever shape or size.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just ran into your blog today and really enjoyed reading it. Everyone is beautiful and I think you are sending a great message out to society. I'm new to blogger but if you have time let me know what you think of my blog:

:) Keep up the good work!

Thess said...

Great post.

It still boils down to the person we are inside.

The beautiful person we are deep down is still the thing that will shine, will never age, will never be stolen, will be the most thing remembered long before we're gone.

The woman that we are while we're still living. And of course, let's not forget GOD while at it.

Love this post!

Angela said...

What a wonderful post with such an encouraging message. I wish that I had read these words when I was a teenager. After struggling with an eating disorder for over 20 yrs, I'm still trying to come to terms with how I feel in my body. It is definitely an ongoing process, and a battle that I hope to win. Thank you for this amazing blog:)

Anonymous said...

woow!!! women...does not matter about the age, look, weight, form, etc., the world really needs them.

just a thought on the last Intl. Women's Day.

Jackie said...

I must admit that in my younger years I suffered from this greatly.

To the point of becoming a full blown practicing Bulimic for years.

But, now I am relatively satisfied with my body image. I have aged well to be 52.

My size is average, my skin good, and my gray came in silver.

But, this is definitely an issue that cannot talked about enough.

Society has got so many convinced that to be attractive you must be under 25 and weigh no more than 104 lbs.

This is just unrealistic and we have created 2 generations now dealing with sever eating disorders.

Thank you D for dropping by and continuing to support me. I can barely load any pages at all after just being on for a few hours today.

I am trying to make up my Ty Ec list now.

I will be fixed if all goes well late Thursday night or some time on Friday!

Then I will be again to rebuild.


Mariuca said...

Hi Dorothy, thanks so much for all ur messages for me. I appreciate them so, and do continue to visit me. Love and hugs from Malaysia! :):):)

Anonymous said...

that's women....!!??

Splendid Little Stars said...

all that focus on looks....What about substance?

Shattered said...

Great post. I have struggled for years with body image issues. My 5 year old brought me to tears the other day when she said that she didn't want to wear a particular dress because it made her look fat. She's a tiny little girl but is sadly being influenced by society already. We as parents cannot do too much self-esteem building with our kids...

Anonymous said...

What an excellent message. If we are not beautiful in heart and mind, we cannot be beautiful on the outside. If the "medium is the message" they have destroyed the lives of many women. I truly believe that is why there are so many anorexic girls----and women. Thanks for getting the message out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorothy [or should I call you Dotty? :)]

You have a great post here and I agree with you. I am almost overweight and whenever I see my figure, I feel sad. I gained so much weight during my pregnancy and I am having so much hard time shedding the fats that I gained. But you reminded me that the negative feeling I have for my body image is influenced by media and commercialism.

Thanks for this great post.

Sera Melinda said...

Wow, this post is awesome and very inspiring.
It's true that us women often look down on ourselves and see other women better (the fact that we're all just the same!)
It also happens to me many times. Thanks for this inspiring post.

""rarejonRez"" said...

yes, i am a proud woman!!! :)

and thank you for lifting every woman's spirit out there! :) have an awesome thursday!!!

Jackie said...

Hi D!!!! Yayyyyyy....I think I am fixed now.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me while I was down!!

The support truly meant a great deal to me.

So today is drop and visit!! It will take me forever to get back what I have lost....but, I'm working on it!!


Davida said...

Body image is a BIG deal for women, isn't it? Even seemingly successful women like Janet Jackson and Oprah Winfrey have constant weight battles. My own body image is something I have to work on DAILY. Some days I feel better than others... and I think it affects my overall mood and interactions with other people. I know I look and feel better when I'm working out regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. I agree with AngelBaby, that we really need to focus as much attention, maybe more, on our inner selves and our inner beauty will shine through.


Lyla said...

Hi Dorothy... this is nice image...
thanks you very much added my link...
I have added your link too.
Have a nice day :)
Big Hug from Indonesia :)

all about loan said...

a great post Dorothy, nice to meet you

Erik said...

As a bodyworker who works primarily with women, this is something I confront every day. I work on people of all shapes and sizes and everyone has their own esteem issues.

I work on several high-fashion models who have been on the cover of Seventeen, Vogue and the like. You would think their esteem would be off the charts. They are paid $1,200-$10,000 a day to let people take pictures of them. Not a single one has what I would even qualify as reasonable esteem, yet a majority of Americans base their idea of beauty on their appearances.

These poor young ladies have the same issues everyone else does. They think they are too fat, one ear lobe is too long, their ankles are too big and that pooch...Oh how the ladies hate that. (Note: Many men adore it!) Many would roll their eyes and walk away to hear these "supermodels" speak of their insecurities and esteem issues. It is universal. Everyone has fears, most everyone wants to be more like someone else.

There are people to appreciate you, no matter your bone structure, weight, or balance. The more esteem, the more beautiful one appears.

Like they always say, "Want someone to appreciate you? Appreciate yourself."

Erika said...

The best I felt about my body was during both of my pregnancies. i loved the belly and watching the scale rise in the doctor's office because of what it meant. Although I only gained 17 and 13 pounds and felt beautiful at that time, now I only feel the rolls and puffiness. And my Mom asks at least once a week if I have lost weight yet....

Great post.

african weight loss diva said...

I love your blog, just came across it from juliana's site. I love it. bookmarking it immediately.

iceah said...

Very well said my dear c; love yourself first c: and be thankful for what the Lord has given you c:

nipsy said...

Whooo hooooo so its now safe for me to run around letting every one know just how damn sexy I am!! Great post here!

twinks said...

Hi Dorothy,
We all have flaws inside and outside. Nobody can love your self more but only you. If a woman loves every inch of her body and be confident about it, she'll be beautiful inside and out because it will show in her every actions and outlook in life.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Btw, following your blog, added you in my blogroll and following you in twitter also.
Have a great week ^_^

Unknown said...

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Grace said...

Hi Dorothy, it is so nice to be back here in your blog.
To be honest, I am still working on improvement for taking care of myself. :)
I like this post. I learn a lot.

OldWestMom said...

Money IS ABSOLUTELY the root of all evil!!!!!!!!

This is a great post. I agree with everything you say, but sometimes it's hard to practice what we preach.

mardoogle said...

Interesting post! Thanks for sharing. Keep on posting.

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Bing Yap said...

Dorothy, I love this post of yours. It speaks of the bitter truth about women but ends on an empowering and enlightening note. Thank you for reminding many of us how beautiful life is as it is and that we should enjoy the most out of it without wasting so much of our time worrying about body image.

Because your blog has empowered many women, I have given you awards at my site. I hope you'll find the time to check them out.

Blessings to you!

Bing (",)

Lilysgramma said...

Isn't it sad that we are so wrapped in what society wants. I truly feel that if I hadn't yo yo dieted when I was younger, I wouldn't be as fat as I am now. Weird logic, but when you think about it, makes sense. Thanks for the great post!

ASSYA said...

I am agreed with you. woman should keep her body beautiful forever...

alone said...

yeap. body is your asset as woman. i admit it =)

Nurta San said...

Hi! I'm just blogwalking.. nice blog!!, hope you visit me back & leave a comment too.. Have a great day! :)

Green said...

I have to agree with AngelBaby-If we focus on the inside instead of the outside we'd feel better about ourselves!

Mira said...

In today's world, image seems to be far important than what is inside. I guess this is the effect of too much commercialism. But in my own opinion, as long as you're comfortable in your skin, how you look like won't really matter. Great post. Have a great weekend. said...

I always think of improving but when it comes to actually doing it I don't. I know at times I get out of shape but still I am confident I can tune myself as much I want. A regular check on yourself is necessary. But still I love what I am.

Unknown said...

If more women looked for joy in their lives right this minute rather than waiting til they were thin, or had fewer wrinkles or no longer had a belly, they'd be much happier with who they are.

People who are always seeking to be more "magazine beautiful" will always be waiting for joy. As women, we need to teach our daughters by example how to be happy now.

Bob Johnson said...

Guys go through the same thing, gotta learn to accept the way we are and not what mags tell us we should be.