Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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The author of this post goes by the name of Unikorna. She brings Unique content to her readers through her blog, ' Why I Wake up Every Day'. This article in-particular caught my eye as so many of today's issues for women are connected to whether or not size matters. And no...I am not referring to men here...I am referring to how women today feel about their bodies. Many women battle this concern especially when they are in a relationship. As we are all aware of, once we have a partner, we will without a doubt eventually be sharing our most intimate thoughts and unclothed bodies. The issue of a womens body size does eventually begin to be an issue. Women begin to want the lights off more and more and/or even tend to wear clothing to bed. Once again, I point the finger at the media's idealism of the perfect body type. A message to both men and women... choose the partner that you love and that most suits who you are. Body size should only matter when it becomes a health issue. If you are a true loving partner, then your first responsibility to your relationship is to take care of yourself in body and mind.
~The photos in this article are not meant to offend anyone, they are merely meant to show the beauty in the natural curves of a woman ~
~Below are thoughts by Unikorna~

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by old movies and their lovely breathtaking classic beauties with their curvy hips and tiny waists strangled in tight corsets. In my idea women are supposed to look feminine, whatever that might imply. That is why I was so shockingly impressed of how beautiful a plus size woman can be, if she makes an effort and shakes away all the inhibitions.

I know from painful personal experience that 3 rows of bellies can hardly be hidden under a nice sexy dress, but there are certain outfits that can flatter any kind of figure. However I should mention that I cannot agree with a woman being resignedly content with her size, and only because it is horribly unhealthy.

Eating everything you want, whenever you want can have tremendous effects on your well being(that I know from personal experience) . Sitting on your couch watching tv all day can't be healthy either.Eat whatever you want, but also move your ass a little, do some exercise...

Nevertheless nothing can excuse modern world's obsession with being skinny, far too skinny and thus ostracizing all the women above size 10. Most of these women, in my opinion, are far more appealing than the starving models we see on the catwalks.
And my boyfriend agrees with me.

This is not an issue that will disappear unless men and women realize and understand the true meaning of reality and ones natural gift in being the UNIQUE person they were meant to be~

~Many thanks to Unikorna for sharing her thoughts with my readers~


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