Monday, May 16, 2011

Is he perfect?

~He isn't perfect...oh darn~ 
Each gender shares the same misconceptions when seeking out a partner....he/she must be perfect~
Funny how we as human beings secretly and even subconsciously seek that perfect partner. What trips us up in this desire is that the partner we are seeking is not actually a perfect species in themselves, but that they are a perfect species for us~ 
Speaking for women...I feel that we have our own innate desires and needs when searching for our partners. However, if we can keep in mind a few very valuable thoughts...we will not fail in finding him.
First and foremost,  realize that ..he is not perfect.... neither are you, nor will the two of you ever be perfect.
However if...he can make you laugh at least once, cause you to think twice, admit to being human and apologizes freely, then hang onto him and give him all of you that you can. 
He may not quote poetry, bring you flowers each day, he may not think about you every second, but he will give you one of the most delicate parts of himself, all knowing that you could easily break it...that being his heart~
Your goals will be in not hurting him, analyzing him, changing him, or expecting more of him than he can give. They will be in,  giving him a smile when he makes you happy, yelling at him when he makes you mad and letting him know that you miss him when he is not there. Also.. love him deep when he is in need, hug him with all of your strength and listen when he needs to speak. Most of all remember man is perfect, but there is a man that is perfect for you. 

Simply cannot be perfect alone~


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