Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If only you could...

This is pretty much what one could consider as being signs of  true commitment and complete awareness. To have a partner that can understand us for who we are and why we are, is what we all seek in a relationship. Once the initial newness of a relationship wears off, we are the left to deal with the real deal or the real person, this is when the relationship really begins and the reality of what commitment is really starts to sink in.
To have a partner that delivers true unconditional love through consistent actions such as the ones above in the poster is what commitment is all about. Keeping in mind that commitment is not a one way must come from both partners so as to join together in a healthy balance.
Commitment is untimely, it does not fade away or step aside...if anything it gets stronger and more prominent with time. A partner that loses interest in his/her partner will not be able to show commitment through actions, they may acknowledge it through words when questioned or forced...proving that once again actions speak louder and much more genuinely than words.

It is imperative to remember to treat your partner as you wish to be treated. It is also imperative to not expect your partner to be who you want them to be, but to accept them for who they want to be and are.
When expecting to be treated special or with aware that you in-turn are also offering/giving the same.  As a human being,  we love to mimic..we mimic without even realizing we are doing so.... in that we smile, when smiled at...we frown, when frowned at... we hug, when we get hugged... when we are complimented,  we compliment back..ect. Practising what you preach is yet another way to maintain a healthy balance in a relationship
So many questions why of relationships fail are asked over and over..I believe that one of the main reasons that contribute to a failed relationship is because the balance of commitment is off.

~Keeping a balance between giving what you expect to get... is key in finding that someone~


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