Sunday, August 30, 2009

~~Bite Me~~

Life can seriously challenge our moods, emotions and reactions, which I am sure we all agree on.

We all find ourselves reaching that point of overreacting out of frustration or to an unaddressed issue that has been bothering us for while.

There is really no need for this to happen.

Relationships are tough enough to keep balanced without allowing the small stuff to build up and tumble down all at one time.

We must all practice and learn how to vent at the exact time that the irritation occurs. This will avoid so many of those horrible outbursts which we either go on and on and on about or leaves us feeling like a super jerk.

Now please do not get me wrong here...there are good ways and bad ways to vent or to quietly let someone know that they have stepped on your last nerve.

One excellent way to do this is to find a phrase that works for you.

It can be...'I love you too' with a bit of a cynical edge to it... 'Nice weather eh'... or my all time favorite...'Bite Me'.

Have you ever felt that you just wanted to say... BITE ME?

Well I have many, many times. And it feels soooo good once said. It is like my own little personal shot at whatever urks me at that moment.

Kind of like.......


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