Friday, August 14, 2009


In relationships we tend to have collisions more often than we want. This is mostly true in the way we differ in our individual thoughts. We collide in how we perceive each others actions and reactions. We also have the task of accepting and/or dealing deal with our different gender views and beliefs. For that we can thank Mother Nature!

Men and Women can collide in just about anything that is involved in their relationship such as: what they enjoy in the entertainment department, sexual fantasies, favorite restaurants, spending money, child rearing, vehicles, time out with friends,and even how we brush our teeth. In saying all of that, differences are not a bad thing as it does add some color and spontaneity in what could become a sedate relationship.

Can you imagine going on through life with a partner and never, ever bumping heads? (zzzzzzz)
Yup, boring! It would be like two mindless, passionless, dependent, robots, maintaining there actions on the same monotone level day after day after day. No cuddling, no smiling, no laughter. Ugh and the SEX......I mean, can you imagine two robots having sex.

Again I say, "BORING"

We need to spice things up, to know that we are alive and that our partners are also alive. When we have these so called collisions, it awakens our deepest passions which we both need to feel, in order to go into a deeper love for one another.

I know you are thinking that to collide only causes war and indifference. You are mostly correct, but how can we know peace with out war? How can we revive or continue to gain in our passions without a true honest indifference between each other now and then? We cannot. Just think about how much fun making up is...every time. Think about it. Keep in mind....the bottom line as in anything I share with you about men and women, we must have balance.........


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