Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As a Parent...What is Betrayal to you?

We all know only too well that to feel a true betrayal, the abuser (betrayer) has to be somewhat closely connected to us. It has to be someone or something that we have trusted or completely opened our heart & soul too. Only then can a betrayal of any kind pierce like a knife and rip our insides out in one cut.

To be betrayed by one's own child is as surreal and unnatural as if your child died before you. When you have invested your heart in raising your child to be strong, honest, and intelligent, you feel that your worries are over. But then that child grows up and decides to choose their own road in life. It may be a road that will deter them from a positive route, or one that will even possibly hurt them. This is where the feeling of betrayal comes in.

To you, the parent, this choice that was made, more than not against your better wishes is like a siren going off in your head twenty-four hours of your day. To your child it is what they need to do, no reason, no rhyme, they just NEED to do this. This is their right, this is their choice and it has nothing to do with you. This is not a personal vendetta against you.

So now what? You can cry and scream and yell all you want. Guess what? It does not matter. You, the parent are not their concern at that moment. They are not worried about you. They are only worried about themselves. They are not outright hurting you in their minds. Again I is not a personnel attack. But you still feel betrayed by their choice in life right now. Betrayal floods your veins every second after the initial attack. It makes breathing almost impossible. Your blood feels poisoned....

Your confusion.............


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