Thursday, January 24, 2013

~Couples & their differences~

We are all individuals and even the worlds happiest couples, do not share the same character. They simply share an amazing awareness and understanding of each others differences. 
In choosing this way of thinking, they do not allow their differences to become, for lack of a better term, ' a ping-pong ball'  between them. 
As a couple, they can accept that they are individuals and that their differences are part and parcel of that fact.
Accepting each others differences does not mean that you will bow down to each others way of thinking, just that you respect your own differences and in-turn your partners as well.
Just because one does not agree with another, does not make either one right or wrong. It just means that they each have their own way of thinking and interpreting things.
In accepting your partner for who he/she is, will allow you to accept and understand each other as individuals. 

A successful relationship is not when the ‘perfect couple’ come together. 
It is however, when an imperfect couple learns to accept and enjoy their differences.



Connie Omari said...

As a person who is going into their second year of marriage... I concur... You have to be open to each others differences if you want your relationship to sustain itself.

Randy Derrell said...

Accepting differences is a great way to stay humble in a relationship and grow. Understanding that we have these differences also helps to broaden our ability to understand and compromise.

Great piece!