Tuesday, January 7, 2014


One of the most beautiful qualities of a true relationship between couples is...
 to understand and to be understood.

To be understood is by far one of the most important links responsible for joining two hearts and two minds together.
This link can only be reached through a mutual connection, one that is completely separate from the normal everyday passing-bye type of connection.
People connect all of the time, however it is when that connection cannot be broken or distracted that it becomes meaningful and almost impossible to resist. At that point, it begins the emotional oneness that gives birth to the feelings of wanting even longing for another. This type of connection between two people has been known to be life changing in so many respects. 
It is not uncommon to hear of or even know of two people that have left past lives because of the innate drive that connecting with another person can cause. It can even be described as relentless in its ability to control ones mind in order to complete that connection. 
To be understood and to understand another is what love stories are made of. No matter what challenges a couple may endure throughout their day, in the end it is all about understanding each other.


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