Friday, February 17, 2012

To ME..You are perfect~


To ME are PERFECT~... words that most people love to hear. These are words that most partners not only wait to hear, but also tend to gauge their confidence level by. In saying that... for all of you partners out there that feel that they are at loss for they are. Telling someone that they are perfect for you, means more to them than a box of candy or flowers.

These are what we deem as words with a thousand meanings. You are not just complimenting your partner, you are in-fact telling your partner in no uncertain terms that he/she is exactly what you want and who you would like to share your life with. In those few words, you are accepting them as they are, right there in front of you. On another note...these are the words that set you apart from any movie star.... because, they are real~

These words will more than not, take a relationship to a new and deeper level for many. I feel that the only other thing that can truly make a person feel good coming from another, is a smile.
As in any words to another person, it is vital to their trust in you, that you do not say them unless you mean them. The, saying that, 'actions speak louder than words', is totally overridden when it comes to these words in my mind.. as long as they are said with, sincerity and truth.

As human beings we are born with an innate need to better ourselves. We work very hard at pleasing someone, at one time or another along our journeys through life. Telling someone that they are perfect for you, is placing them on a unique and special plateau where only the two of you exist. This feeling of belonging is one of the most important and self-nourishing feelings we can experience from another. It really does not take a lot to make your partner feel good.. in saying these words, you cannot go wrong. It is one of the right steps towards a happy and healthy relationship.

After all....Is that not what we all strive for and dream of..?


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