Thursday, September 2, 2010

~ Interpretation in a relationship~

We have all heard the phrase... 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. What interests me the most about this phrase is, in those thousand words just how different each word can be, when the object being viewed is being interpreted through a thousand different minds. Take the photo below...this photo most definitely speaks a thousand words~
I ask that you do reply in the comment section as to your thoughts/or words on this picture  and I will moderate the words from the actual comments. Once I have received enough different interpretations I will do a follow up post with those results. My reason for this is so that your words are not swayed by another's interpretation. Please humor me with this as it is a very important part of my relationship research~

How a sender and receiver interpret each others words can be considered the fine line between love and hate in a relationship. This applies in every type of relationship, whether it be between lovers, parents and children or siblings themselves.  A message can indeed change its course the minute it is verbalized by the sender, and/or  interpreted by the receiver or receivers. Many things can play devils advocate in how a message is sent or received. Body language, voice tones, temperament of sender at the time, monetary distractions even in how the receiver is listening.  If the receiver is tired, hormonal, stressed, distracted or has traumatic past unresolved issues, they cannot possibly be hearing the message as it is being delivered, hence their ability to listen and/or hear is disabled to some degree.

It takes self-awareness and choosing appropriate times to send or receive messages as are they are initially intended. It also takes effort by both the sender and receiver to realize if and when there may be underlying issues in how the message is sent or received. Understanding yourself and understanding your partner in any relationship is vital to being able to interpret each others messages in a healthy manner. As a picture speaks a thousand words so can our own interpretations. Our minds can interpret a single word in so many ways depending on how our emotions. Being aware of your emotions or state of mind is should be your first step before either sending or receiving, because how one receives also determine how one reacts in turn. We prepare for so many things in life...isn't preparing to communicate as important, if not more important?

I look forward to your thoughts~



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