Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Relationship Quotes & Lady GA GA

Even Lady GaGa sings about being caught in a bad romance. Most of us have been there and many of us have yet to be there. Either way it does not hurt to have a few supportive affirmations that will help strengthen your inner self-acceptance so that you can be accepting and understanding in your relationships.

Caught in a bad romance...
~It is up to you to decide your options~

Below I have posted a few of my own relationships affirmations. I leave one just about every night as I visit my world of Blogsville~
I encourage you to copy and keep them for your own support system. There is much power in selective words~


~Be true to yourself in who you are only then will you be able to identify the right partner for you~

~Understanding is a vital relationship key can not change nor accept what you cannot understand~

~Self-pity is in the fact that you do not accept the gift of life granted to you as a unique individual.~

~Guys...feelings may not be important to you...but they most certainly are the key to her heart~

~To observe without making judgement... is how one remains aware of their purpose in life~

~It is not to hear what you want to hear, but to hear exactly what partner is telling you~

~Relationships, are like anything worth having ....unique and deserving of respect~

~To accept without boundaries or conditions is to have total and absolute faith ~

~Nothing is so strong as gentleness...nothing is so gentle as real strength~

~True intimacy is in the meeting and understanding of someones needs~

~Desperation is not your friend when deciding on your life's partner~

~When your partner is in need....a friend you should be indeed~

 ~Never underestimate your partners reasons for loving you~

~You must Love...if you want to be loved~

~Relationships are about ..relating~



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