Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Males...Females...oh what mysteries~

I don't know about you, but I personally have read hundreds of books and articles on the differences between males and females and still remain mystified.. I have even spent a lot of time researching through questioning and observing males and females over the years and still, I am not quite satisfied .. Call it...curiosity or simply an innate need to know, why the two genders whom were created to compliment and relate to each other naturally, spend more time and reasons to not!

We all know the facts..males are visually stimulated...they think in very matter-of-fact minds, they are the hunters and protectors, where females are the complex thinkers, the nurturers, care givers and so very emotionally driven.
We also know they somewhere deep inside both genders do not feel accomplished until they have found a partner to share a relationship with.

Since the beginning of time, males and females were created to move forward, each in their own natural and individual directions. Somewhere along the line..this course of nature was altered...both genders lost their natural direction. Today, both genders spend more time either trying to change the other or trying to change themselves in order to be accepted by the other.

Through our human desire to constantly advance, whether it be through education or the lack of it, the woman's movement to gain independence or the need to live in a technical and material world, we have managed to completely change natures course. Is it any wonder that men are confused as to their masculinity and their reason for being or why women are so caught up in this need to be independent and superior? We have in fact created our own monstrous and unnatural genders...for lack of a better phrase!
One thing is certain, we find ourselves confused and constantly questioning why we are who we are and why we are where we are. Hence the feelings of being on an endless journey of never quite understanding each other.

The mysteries of the male and female really are not that complicated. It truly is all about acceptance, understanding and allowance of natural growth. Accepting each gender for who they are and how they think instead of trying to stifle and/or change who they are or how they think is how nature meant it to be.
Using acceptance, trust and love when we decide to commit to a relationship will guide you in the direction of natures course.

~Knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of the male and the female, comes without question through the 'acceptance of what is'~



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