Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sex ~anywhere...anytime~

Nice, catchy title isn't it?

Before you read any further...please be aware that the content arising from my thoughts are going to be a bit adult oriented. So if you are not interested...please do... feel free to carry on to the next blog~

Funny how we tend to deny ourselves the fruits of the tree, without being aware of it. When I speak of the fruits of the tree...I am referring to sex and all of the passion and physical chemicals that come with it. (seriously no pun meant there)

Sex knows no age, body-type, color, language, destination, right or wrongs. Sex just is...without reason or rhyme. We have tried over and over to understand and explain the emotional connection and wiring in the human brain as to what causes and/or controls ones sex drive. Throughout time...more relationships, careers, bank accounts and even lives have been torn apart because of the innate desire and/or need for sex. Sex is more powerful than we have ever given it credit for. It profits huge organizations in the saying goes that.. 'SEX SELLS'.

Sex is fun and it has a very special way of making a person feel freedom in a new way, not to mention what it can do for your ego and confidence about yourself. It is not the most important part of a relationship but it is one of the important parts as it is so emotionally fulfilling between partners.

Getting to the point of my thoughts...before I go down another road, I will, as Jerry Springer would say..'Save that for another show ' as my thoughts today are geared towards sex in the rain or basically anywhere deemed unconventional.

Have you have ever had sex in the rain?
If you haven't...why not?
So many of us, are all too sheltered in thinking that sex anywhere but in a bedroom behind locked doors with the lights out is the only way allowed to have sex. ~~WRONG~~

I promise you that if you dare to have sex in the will do it again! There is something very magical about being one with nature and I do mean being one. Have you ever wondered why a photo of a male or female with water drops or sweat covering their bodies captures even the most prudent mind? It is because rain has a natural and even raw essence.. which.. when embraced is very sexual. I am sure that many of you have had sex with your partners in the shower and may think that is probably what it would be like having sex in the rain...well it is so not~ Sex in the rain is as pure and heavenly as it was meant to be~

How about having sex somewhere absolutely crazy and unpredictable ... say like at a social function...look for a broom closet and just do it~~ you don't have to tear each other apart or even mess your hair..that is where the term 'quickie' comes to mind and if you never do it again...just the memory will be stimulating enough to get you started~

What about just jumping in the car and going somewhere and parking like in those 'teen days' Gosh...just remember how stimulating and crazy it was then...guess what ladies and is just as titillating now as it was then and even more so because now you know what to do. Yes..yes, the 'not knowing' was a big part of it all back then....but as that was then so can being in the know be just as much fun, now.

Then there is one for the all know to well that you can tickle his fancy when he is this should be taken under careful consideration as it might be a tad bit dangerous...but with a little awareness on both can prove to be very hot. I remember this one from the movie 'Father of the Bride'...even though Steve Martin crashed...he did it with a smile on his face :)

Remember the fridge the movie many moons ago..'9 1/2 weeks' there is a movie that introduced the fridge as the hottest and sexiest aphrodisiac for that time era. Ice cubes, chocolate fudge or syrup...anything that one can spread onto a body and lick off is what every person needs to experience. Ladies I promise you that you will never forget the feeling nor will he. I know what your thinking right now... and No... its not a bad thing to get a bit dirty or sticky, you can always wash each other down later...just let your mind of proper'ness and cleanliness go for 1 hour.
Is your relationship not worth the hour? Is your relationship not worth the try?

~Nothing is ever gained if nothing is ever ventured~

As I mentioned earlier in my knows no age, body-type, color language...ect. If you have a partner and you are not enjoying each other sexually...that is something that you are really missing. Sex between two people is a language without any spoken words. It is a way of sharing, being together, feeling for each other and enjoying what nature has given you and that is being a male or a female. We were not born with a sex drive or a passionate mind for nothing. We were given this gift to enjoy and be productive with.
Just think what having fun sex with your partner will do to the pornography market...I bet it will knock them off of their profit margins tenfold. Personally, I am all for that benefit.

Well I have shared enough of my do or dare thoughts. Now I would like to hear your thoughts about sex in the rain and whether or not you have ever experienced it.

So do tell....where is the wildest place you had sex?

~Leave your name anonymous if you are to shy to dare to share~

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