Monday, March 22, 2010

Relationship...How do you define it?

The word Relationship becomes a very important word at some point in our lives, but do we ever really stop and think about how many meanings the word itself can be connected to?

Are we educated enough to be aware of the importance of understanding what a relationship entails?

Instinctively, we all want to be in a relationship, but again do we really understand the meaning behind the word?
Oh sure...there is sex on tap, financial security  and we get to play house with the opposite sex....but what happens when all of that fantasy and newness begins to wear off? Now we are beginning to notice all of those icky, quirky things that we all know can in time chip away until there is no more desire or anticipation left. All of a sudden we begin to question who and what we have committed to.

Realistically..committing to a relationship is a very serious decision, one that should not ever be taken lightly nor made without serious thought. Inadvertently, because we are human beings, we do tend to follow the direction of our feelings and those matters of the heart do weigh heavily on our decision making, resulting in the fact that the realistic approach is secondary. Hence why so many relationships end up unhappy and/or unsuccessful.

Here is my breakdown of what the word, 'Relationship' means to me on an emotional level:


I also broke the word, 'Relationship' down in a more sexual manner of connection:


We spend a countless number of years educating ourselves so that we can be the best in our choice of career. So why is it that something so important to our children, our happiness and our health is not being taken as seriously? When did our own happiness take a second place to our careers?

I find it very odd that we spend more time healing over broken relationships than we do over our careers. Yet we spend less time preparing or for a lack of a better term, 'educating ourselves' on what a 'relationship' is all about, so that we can be prepared or more aware of just what to expect from a relationship, even worse, how to deal with it when it breaks down.

Maybe there is no class that can guarantee us a successful relationship...then again who ever said there were any guarantees in life period.

We can however, widen our own awareness of what it means to commit to a relationship by being more educated and more aware of the meaning of the word. Just by defining the word itself brings it to an entirely new level of seriousness and depth. How many times do you want to be hurt and/or rejected in your life time? If you have ever been there, you know you would choose never. Do you think that if you were better prepared or educated in the meaning of the actual word, 'Relationship', that you would be in a more successful relationship today?

These thoughts and questions are nothing to slight, as they are the keys to becoming happy with whom you choose to commit to and when we are happy in our relationship, we all know that ~ life is very good~

Feel free to change or add new meaning to the word ~Relationship~......
As always...I look forward to your thoughts~

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