Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Once again I am going to take you down a different road. I am going to go off my beaten track of thoughts to share with you a most heartfelt post. 

First, I would like to say this...I cannot even begin to express my feelings of appreciation in the amazing friendships that I have found within these blogsphere walls.

My post today is dedicated to a dear sweet blogger whom I borrowed the base of my photo from  and who not only frequents my blog, but  who also never fails to leave me a whisper or a hello in my shoutbox.
~Jenie~  from  LIFE ROUND MEnYOU has so kindly shared her thoughts on her blog about my last post that I wrote for  MAN OVERBOARD....  MEN~WOMEN~SEX.. In appreciation for her support and very gratifying words about this post...I would love to share her thoughts with you.

Please visit Jenie and read what she wrote ....

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