Sunday, November 1, 2009

Does the attraction of opposites last?

I have often thought about which couple characteristics actually are the most successful in making a happily ever type relationship.
I have heard so many times that opposites attract...what does that mean to you?
To me that statement means that opposites and /or indifference will most definitely attract...but that does not say that those characteristics will last. More than not those same attraction characteristics will be the downfall of a relationship. Possibly if one of the partners is very understanding and patient...the relationship might have a chance.
There are so many different types of couples......
Some couples are almost clones of each other in personality and desires. Others are totally opposite from each other in those same respects.
Some people meet in high school and stay together forever...while others spend many years alone until they finally meet the person they choose to spend the rest of their life with.
Couples that have married because of an unexpected pregnancy or in more redneck terms...the shotgun wedding!
There is the couple which has a master and a servant.
There are also those people who are born in a more traditional country and are involved in arranged marriages.  Do any of them ever truly fall in love?
Then we have those who go through several relationships before finally finding Mr./Mrs right
Last of all... we have the people that never seem to find that right one.

So tell me....which one are you?


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