Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being a Human Being......

You will be born a human being with a body, a mind and a soul.
You will either like it or hate it, either way...it is yours for the keeping.
You will experience many emotions from which you will learn lessons imperative to your life's happiness.
You will be enrolled in a human school called, 'life'  in which you will receive a book called, 'your book of life'.
This book holds the chapters that you will write throughout your time as a human being.
You will make mistakes, which will in turn, teach you lessons vital to your success in this life as a human being. 
Your growth will consist of many of trial & errors, which are your lessons in the life as a human.
You will fail, you will succeed, how you deal with either will determine your fate.
Your 'failed' attempts will be as much a part of the process of growth as your successions.
Your life's lessons will challenge you until you have learned them well...excelling further or you will push them aside....leaving yourself to mere ignorance.
Life's lessons never end....as long as you are breathing... you will be learning.
You will be tempted to strive for what you do not have or be who you are not...this very important lesson will result in your level of self-acceptance & self-love.
You will love and you will hate...you will hurt and you will not hurt....the lesson here is whether or not you can forgive....again how you deal with these lessons will define who you are.
How you exist in your life is solely up to you.
You will have all the tools and resources you will need equal to others.
What you do with them is again solely up to you.
The lesson here will be a lesson of choices.
The answers to your life's questions lie within you.
How you attain them is again up to you...

So choose wisely and you will succeed!


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