Saturday, January 23, 2010

Relationships & Roller-coaster Rides!

Up..down, a quick around, a sharp turn left, a sharp turn right, traveling blindly into a tunnel ahead, leading to an instant dead drop...this is a vague, but direct description of two things we experience in life.

One being on a roller-coaster ride the other being in a relationship.

Both rides clearly have a beginning and an ending...yet are still somewhat unpredictable and uncontrollable, this is why they are so hard to resist and so innately tempting to our psyche.

Both rides deliver a chemical reaction that is so addictive and irresistible to our adrenaline, that no matter how scary or unpleasant it seems at times, we continue to return for more.

Neither can offer security or promise, they do however offer the thrill of the unknown, the desire to fulfill a dare or a fantasy and most of all the ability to overcome certain challenges we face through nature and our own subconscious weakness known as 'fear'.

Relationships and roller-coaster rides can be extreme experiences in life. The need for your own balance and inner strength to be able to deal with its twists and turns is vital to the outcome of the ride. If you are too weak, you will loose control and all self-stability in your life. If you are too strong and have no fear whatsoever...your taking the ride for granted, your letting your guard down and without warning, you will end up shocked when it ends unexpectedly.

Not only is it essential to have knowledge of the risk involved in the ride, you must also have a certain amount of awareness so you can be prepared for the unknown. Forewarned is forearmed! If you enter the ride expecting too little or too much, it can leave you very disappointed and unfulfilled.

Roller-coaster and relationship rides are also extremely difficult if not impossible to exit once you step on, which is another reason to be very sure you are willing to stay the course.

Either way.....both rides demand some level of mental preparation and knowledge as neither ride can be entered without risk. Hence the saying, 'Enter at your own risk'. I repeat myself in using the word, 'risk' as it is a key word when entering any relationship or roller-coaster ride and its meaning must be heard and understood clearly.

A risk is the outcome of the gamble you take when you invest your heart, your time and/or your money in something that appears to offer what you cannot ignore. So be very aware of the risk involved in any ride in life!

Important words to remember...even though you cannot control or predict these can control how you allow these rides to affect you, just as you can control how you enter and leave the ride!

So tell me.....

How do you enter the rides that your life challenges you with?


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