Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Love or not To Love..

To Love....
Oh to fall in love.... The feelings one experiences when falling in love..are not only completely consuming and captivating, they are also amazingly surreal, euphoric, passionate, and oh so full of anticipation and newness that there is no escape. You become imprisoned to these overwhelming feelings that trap your mind, heart and body on this merry-go-round of what seems to be a promise of eternal happiness.

When that love is lost for whatever reason, every one of those positive feelings turns swiftly into the total opposite, which can be the most painful experience a human mind can accept and/or absorb.
You will feel like you have literally died inside... become blinded to any direction in life...you will feel as if you have been robbed of a priceless human gem, known as trust...robbed of a love, you deserved...one you earned ...one you depended on for that eternal happiness...one that was yours and no-one elses.

What is there to do once that love is lost?
You can pick up the pieces of your broken world of eternal happiness and you can learn from it and begin to rebuild what once was or you can stay broken and stop breathing...then die.
To never know any of those feelings good or bad...is the other part of my pondering thought...

Not to Love...
Is it better ...
..to never walk for fear of falling?
..to never taste for fear of distaste?
..to never touch for fear of feeling?
..to never smile for fear of frowning?

..to never laugh for fear of crying?
..to never swim for fear of drowning?
..to never trust for fearing of not trusting?
..to never love for fear of losing ?

I wonder...do we even have the choice, to love or not to love?
Do we choose to fall in love or does love choose us?
Can one go about life, interacting with other people and never face the risk of falling in love? 
Is it so out of our control, that even the knowledge of the risk involved becomes meaningless within the desires of love?
Is love inevitable?
So tell me...do you think...it is better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all ?


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