Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gender Differences....

You and I both know that relationships can be quite challenging as they do not come without their ups and downs given that we are two completely different genders..
What is key in having a successful and enjoyable relationship is that the ups out number the downs.

When dealing with same or opposite gender relationships, each person experiences changes daily due to the challenges of life. In short nothing or no one will ever stay exactly the same.
In a relationship it is also vital to change together...and stay on the course directed toward the same goals.

Men and women were both gifted with distinct personality differences for a reason. The reason clearly being that they fit together like a puzzle... as long as the right pieces are used in the right spots. For some reason, both men and women seem to constantly want to re-cut those pieces and/or try to fit them somewhere else instead of just accepting what is. This is where we run into so many issues, such as... women wanting men to think like women, men wanting women to think like men....ect.

The main key to any successful relationship is simple. It is called 'acceptance'. We must learn to accept rather than expect.

My being female and writing from thoughts that derive from a female mind, I know it seems that I am always picking on the guys or favoring the girls. Not fact I am indirectly trying to get both genders to see the big picture. It is when we are all tangled up in emotions due to matters of the heart...that the picture tends to get pretty small and our vision can become a bit narrow...very narrow in some cases.

Both genders do have their quirks...that is what makes us unique and individual. Without those gender differences we would not be attracted to each other. We simply would not fit!

Lets take a look at some of the quirks that can so drive a partner around the bend.......



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