Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Betrayed by a Trust

You loved him with your entire being. You gave him your heart and soul.
He was the bright light of your day and the peaceful darkness of your night.
Every thought you possessed started and ended with him and your love for him.
Your trust in him was given without question.

You are then confronted with one of the worst breaches a heart can survive.
He gave his heart to another.
He cherished and shared private moments with another.
He left you with nothing but a broken heart.
Your love has been violated, leaving you feeling betrayed by your own trust.

But then....
He wants you back.
He cannot live without you.
He has crawled back to you, begging for forgiveness.
Begging for your heart to be returned.
Begging for your trust once again.

Does he not know what he has done to you through his choice of actions?
How does one forgive?
How does one forget?
Most of all does one trust again after such a betrayal.............


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