Thursday, July 9, 2009

Have you ever felt Violated?

Have you ever found yourself looking for your wallet or purse and all of a sudden this grip takes hold of your stomach and the immediate feeling of panic begins to grow inside of you?
You fumble trying to come up with an excuse to the clerk at the medical office that you cannot pay for your appointment because you may have left your wallet at home or worse, it has been taken.....all the while praying to God that it is at home. You search and search high and low all the while fighting the reality that your entire identity is at risk and you cannot do a damn thing about it. You know even while you are repeatedly searching ground that clearly proves your wallet will not be found that easily ...that it has been taken!

Have you ever had your wallet or purse stolen?

My worst fears became a reality when I realized after tearing my house and car apart that my wallet was definitely gone. It became even more evident and traumatic once I called the first credit card company and was told that there was a gas purchase at midnight at a gas station I have never attended.

It was at that moment that my body began to convulse and............


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