Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh... to be in Love!

It is mysterious.. it is persuasive.. it is unseen.. but it is felt as if its weight is almost unbearable at times.

It is a feeling like no other.
It has an urgency & a direction that nothing or no one can derail.
It has an innate need and desire all at the same time that wraps your mind up so tight that you are left feeling like a spinning top once it begins to unravel.

Oh... to be in Love!
Its sensual feelings go so deep that you wonder if they will ever find bottom.
Your physical body works overtime trying to figure out what all of these chemicals are... that are racing around endlessly.
Your appetite changes from food to an insatiable hunger for Love.
Your entire world as you knew it gets put on hold.
You know no other language but the one written by this stranger growing inside of you... called 'Love'.

Oh... to be in Love!
It is a yearning and a burning that pulls you faster and faster towards something so very unknown, yet so very much desired.
It has evoked inside of you a sublime anticipation that would shake up the most docile creature.
It has become unshakable...you shiver as your body heats up and cools down at the slightest scent of this Love.
It's touch...so soft...so sweet...so gentle and yet at the same time so wild...so hot...so desirable and so passionate...again you shiver.

Oh... to be in Love!
Its sound, as it whispers to you.... draws you in deeper and deeper with its hypnotic persistence and beguiling voice.
It is relentless...it is chivalrous... it is deviously subtle... it leaves you feeling captivated in heavenly ecstasy.
Its unabated pleasure traps you...holds you and has you begging for more.
Your mind pleads for control...it reaches for air...yet continues to concede to its undeniable charm and its emotional warmth.

Love is most definitely unrequited & yet...
most definitely worth it!


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