Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~Lights On...Lights Off~

Men ask....
Why do women prefer the lights off during intimate relations ... commonly known as sex?
Probably for the same reason that they dread thier reflection from the lights in certain department store fitting rooms..every little thing they consider an imperfection which is normally tucked underneath clothing is amplified or seen....or so they think~ They tend to feel very vulnerable which more than not enhances their lack of confidence in their beauty and their sexuality.
How they view their bodies is exactly how they think thier partners are viewing them also. What we have here is a definite confidence issue or the lack of it...resulting in wanting the lights off.

Woman ask...
Why is it that men prefer the lights on...during intimate relations...commonly known as sex?
Men are visual creatures, we already know this. It is as simple as that. Their feelings of arousal begin through thier visual senses in many cases . Men love woman...with clothes on and with clothes off. Men do not see a woman's body as she does. If he smiles and wants you, trust that he is not going to judge you. Men do not disect their partners body. It is so not about that, contrary to what so many woman believe. Men get more turned on when his partner is open and free with her body to not only himself but also to his body. He reacts to her passions and her sexual desires and that is all that matters at that point.
We all know that when we are aroused the last thing we are thinking about is what he looks like or what she looks like. Just being at the stage of lights on or off...both partners have already decided that they want that person.

~With television and Internet's endless collection of what is deemed as 'eye candy' or 'the perfect body', it is no wonder that a women's confidence and self-assuredness are feeling challenged every minute of the day.
What  women  need to realize is that in reality...there is no perfect body. Believe it or not...most men already know this and they most certainly do not want what the media portrays as a perfect partner. Men will choose who they themselves deem as the perfect partner for them and to them.
Loving another person and sharing sexual intimacies goes far past the outer image issue. It is about wanting to be with that person because of who they are and missing them when they are not with you.
Sexual connections are an amazing key to keeping a relationship growing.  Sexual connections are a language in themselves. When we as woman want the lights off...what we are really saying to our partners is that we do not trust that they truly love us for who we are. 

~The longer we keep the lights off...the longer we live in the dark~



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