Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is Love????

'I cannot exist without you. I am forgetful of everything but seeing you again. My life seems to stop there, I see no further. You have absorb'd me. I have a sensation at the present moment as though I were dissolving. 
I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for religion... I have shudder'd at it... I shudder no more. I could be martyr'd for my religion: Love is my religion. I could die for that. I could die for you.
 My creed is love, and you are its only tenet. You have ravish'd me away by a power I cannot resist."
 - letter written by John Keats
When I ran across the letter above...I could not resist putting it into a post. So many people ask about and search for the true understanding of love. I could easily write a list of what love is and what love is not....but I am sure you all can do that just as easily. In a few select words we know that love can be described as, trust, respect , belief, commitment ect. As I said, 'words'. But, how do we know when we are in love, have fallen in love, can actually feel love?  What is Love?
Does love begin with first impressions such as...lust,  intellect,  physical appearance, or is it actually blinded by those first impressions, hence the courtship facades. Those are indeed the real mysteries unsolved to many when we allow ourselves to enter into the world of relationships.

The small note above delivers to me, so many answers to those questions we so desperately seek an understanding to. Love is lust, love is eternity, love is life, love is a welcomed sacrifice of sorts, love is all consuming, love is demanding of commitment, love is unpredictable, love is all powerful, but most of all, love is a connection between two people that no other can sever~

Many of us gamble in the game of love, a fact that I have written about so very many times.  Entering into a relationship is a huge risk to the safety of ones heart, mind, and comfort zone. So why do we continue to challenge that risk without really knowing/understanding, the mystery of...' what is love?'
How many of us actually have ever felt what John Keats has shared with us?
How many of us think the one we choose is right for us because we want them to be?
How many of us choose a partner because of  appearances, success, convenience, or controllability?
How many of us actually choose someone because it feels right , it feels good, it feels worthy, it feels like nothing we have ever experienced before?
How many of us avoid everything about it, out of fear of the unknown?
How many times have you, yourself or a friend chosen a person for all the wrong reasons, thinking that is what love is?
Why do we not acknowledge those factors when we know in no uncertain terms just how damaging relationship failures are to our very own wellbeing?

Well, if you have read and understood what 'Keats' wrote above, then you will know the answer to, 'What is Love?' We do it because the risk is worth the all consuming feelings that love delivers even if only for a short period of time which in some cases, does in fact deliver for a very long time.
Have you ever stopped and really thought about why you love that someone in your life and how their presence and/or absence means to your happiness?
These thoughts are essential to your not taking your relationship for granted and at the same time staying in-tune with what may or may not be changing between the two of you. Make awareness a second nature where your relationship is concerned and you will never be blindsided by the unknown~

 Simply put, just another answer to 'What Is Love?''

'Love is like war.....
 Easy to begin but hard to end'




sexylegsandbody said...

Hey Dorothy, makes one think!! A very accurate description of love. I have an opinion on love. If love starts with lust, it normally ends as soon as the sexual attraction wears off. If however you fall in love first, and then become sexually attracted and active, that love is so much stronger and stable. I speak from experience, almost 35 years of experience, I have had many, and the ones that started with lust, never lasted long, or were unstable...

I would love to hear your opinion on that.
Great post, as always.

Have a lovely day Dorothy.
Ps, I have another theory, but will not go into that now. :)

Con Artist Trickster said...

Maybe the key to answer that question is by not solving it using logic. It may sounds cliche but, love is about heart, not logic.

askcherlock said...

Love really is like war...and hard to end. It involves so many integral parts of our being. Beginning is often easy, but letting go if you don't really want to is so very difficult. Love is painful as much as it is glorious, and defies all logic.

Natural Health said...

Love Yourself to Good Health. In chronological order ‘loves’ are numerous but somewhat love yourself enough to think about this at least once.

Jo Richards said...

Hi Dorothy, this is a thought provoking post and I like how you've tackled such a complex subject. Love is a word that has been so overused and somewhat abused in the sense that many people mainly attribute it to the physical. But when I think of the unconditional love of a parent for a child, it gives me a basis for a definition of love that resonates with me. I feel love start from within oneself because one cannot give what they have not got.

Fantastic post and thank you.

bissell proheat said...

love can't be express by word. but we can feel it. it will make us happy, sad, angry, miss etc. all of us need love. without love, life is nothing. but we need to be careful, sometimes people cheating with love. if we are looking for love, find someone which love us sincerely with full heart.

Denesa said...

Hi Dorothy,

I have an award for you. Check it out at my site:)

One of The Guys said...

Your last paragraph really resonated with me. Not taking your relationship for granted. That is so important.
I think love changes in a relationship. It gets redefined all of the time. But without enduring commitment love doesn't get a chance to bend and change.
I've been MIA. Happy belated New Year.

Tina T said...

Love that "Love is like war" quote, so true. Yes, Keats sums it up beautifully. Love does defy all logic, which is why it is so wonderful when we love the right person but so dangerous when we fall in love with the wrong person.

Harriet Bond said...

The John Keats poem is the traditional idea of love that we are still fed, that it is somehow only true love if it is painful and enslaving. I have learnt that the opposite is in fact true; real love should not cause you pain, it should just be NICE! And if it is all woe and pain, it is NOT true love! What a great lesson to learn!

Star-chuu said...

Hi Dorothy, very interesting topic, it's all about love. For me, Love conquers everyhing, love will bring you both happiness when you know how to enjoy your feelings, even the love I have is very complicated.

Yen said...

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Collette said...

my dad abused my mother. love your blog.

mike said...

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Dhemz said...

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Hornygoat14 said...

Love is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel... but what is love? The definition differs for every person, and there are many different kinds of love that a person may feel. Regardless of the type of love you are talking about or the way in which you show your love, love is a beautiful thing.