Friday, August 29, 2008

How do you spell it?
This is how I spell it!

A = Attack
B = Barbaric
U = Uninvited
S = Surreal
E = Evil

V = Violated
I = Innocent
C = Crushed
T = Taken
I = Inconceivable
M = Mind-altering


I am going to share a few unedited facts or rather thoughts that I am compelled to share. If you are looking for a positive upbeat article, then you had better walk away now. This article will not be the pleasantry that you might be expecting.

Why should I edit, even word my thoughts with any respect or standards, when I am addressing an abuser? This article is being written on behalf of every victim in this world.

My first thought goes out to those parents that marry someone other than your babies mommy/daddy!

Do you watch out for your child?

Do you make sure that the man that you have fallen in lust, love or just married for food and shelter is not raping your child?

Do you listen to your child when she screams out at night through nightmares of being hurt?

Do you even care?

If I sound malicious or angry with my thoughts, you are so correct. I am angry, I am mad as hell, I am even prepared to step out and challenge anyone that allows or ignores abuse.

How many of you readers out there have abused a child?

How many of you readers have lusted a child less than half your age?

How many of you readers have verbally abused your wife?

How many of you readers are right now tabbing another page with pornographic photos of young teens?

How many of you readers are screaming or hitting your child or spouse right now?

How many of you men are sitting in a stripper bar watching a female that could be your daughter or even your granddaughter?

How many of you readers are ignoring the fact that your child is on a computer all alone with a stranger?

How many of you readers are leaving your child alone with a strange babysitter?

How many of you readers are cutting your child down to the lowest level of humiliation?

How many of you readers have taken extreme control of your loved ones to the point that they are afraid to speak?

I am mad, angry, full of vile contempt because of the fact that after all these years and education and what is suppose to be a much more intelligent world with all of this new technology, that the world is even more in stress and abuse than ever.

Yes, sure we have always had pedophiles, abusers, mixed sex, body parts marketing, drug trafficking, religious & political wars, but damn....when does it stop?

When does the abuser realize that what he/she is doing to that child is totally WRONG and SICK!

When does the victim realize that it is not their fault?

When does the abuser finally get to live in a prison of pain, fear, loneliness, scars and hate?

When does the victim get to feel trust, and live a normal, healthy, free, life?

When does this all stop?

The more I get educated, the more I get mad! I do not feel smarter, I feel angrier and I feel embarrassed that I am even part of this human race.

Victims of abuse do not get to go to sleep at night and dream of sweet things...they dream of violation, fear, pain, mistrust, a never ending running away from an unknown perpetrator, they even continue to urinate in their pants.

Victims of abuse cannot enjoy a healthy sex life with their partners because the minute they feel they are finding that place of ecstasy, the face of an abuser invades their world and shatters what should be an intimacy between lovers.

Victims of abuse cannot deliver nor accept hugz of affection in the way they are meant to be.

Victims of abuse live a life of low self-esteem, zero self-acceptance, total self-blame, fear, confusion, and even self-hate.

Victims of abuse cannot have good memories, they cannot locate in their minds enough good memories to override their bad memories.

Victims of abuse never forget their abuser or the violation.

Victims of abuse remain a victim for many years of their lives if not their entire lives.

Do I hate, do I feel anger towards certain bet I do.

I want all of the victims in this world that read this to stand up and hate hard...get mad...scream loudly..rebel against the crime that stole your innocence.

DO NOT allow this abuse to control your life!

Do not allow the abuser that satisfaction.

Walk away from it...toss it as far as you can.

Never give it the time of day.

Treat it as you would the most nastiest creature, because that is what the abuse is..a nasty creature.

Stomp on it...kill it...CHOOSE to let it go!

Do the one thing that your abuser would and will hate.....Discard It.....park it in a box in the farthest place you can find......dig a hole in the ground and write his name on it and bury it.

YOU are the only one that can stop your internal abuse now>

For all of you abusers out there....DAMN YOU TO HELL....BURN !!!!




ex amelias said...

You are completely rigth in your questions.
I´m a medical doctor and I take care of sexual abused victims. I know exactly what you mean.
Nice to meet you !!

Shemah said...

This a great post, D! I am with you on this! Even the highest level of unpleasant words are too kind for these abusers. Nowadays, sexual abusers are becoming more rampant and monstrous than before which worries every parent like you and I to no end.

Lea said...

Hi Dorothy

I wanted to thank you for your interest in my article Abuse And Healing. If you feel my experience with domestic abuse can be of help to anyone, then yes you can use it on your site. Also if you are interested in the Signs Of Abusive Personalities, feel free to copy that. I feel the more people are aware of the signs and traits ahead of time, fewer people will get trapped into abusive relationships.

Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment. Many blessings

chronic chick talk said...

Your words are very powerful. Someone must give the innocent victims a voice. So many of them suffer quietly and do not tell a soul. Abuse is something I know as a mother all too well.