Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOMEN....What We Are....

WOMEN are a good thing!
WOMEN are soft!
WOMEN are sensuous!
WOMEN are sexy!
WOMEN are sweet tasting!
WOMEN are fun to play with!
WOMEN are pleasing to the eye!
WOMEN are strong & independent!
WOMEN are child bearers!
WOMEN are survivors!
WOMEN are much needed mates!
WOMEN are an emotional species!
WOMEN are the passion of men!
WOMEN are beautiful to men!
WOMEN challenge men!
WOMEN are temptresses!
WOMEN are curvaceous!
WOMEN are mistresses!
WOMEN are wives!
WOMEN are sisters!
WOMEN are friends!
WOMEN are bitches!
WOMEN are behind every successful man! (wink)
WOMEN are what make men tick!
WOMEN are what make men proud!
WOMEN are comfort!
WOMEN bleed!
WOMEN cry!

WOMEN are like the ocean. When they feel loved, their self esteem rises and falls like the waves of an ocean at its wildest time. A woman`s ability to accept and return her love is usually a reflection of how she sees herself. If a woman sees herself as happy and sexy, her arms and heart are wide open. When she sees herself as down and plain, she falls into a pit of darkness and numbness. During this time an open mind and heart is much needed to be on the receiving end. Then, and only then can she rise up and feel all the love that is within her and be of pure radiant love and intimacy.
WOMEN tend to feel deep emotions, such as insecurity, worry, resentment, hopelessness, mistrust, control, disapproval, possessiveness, need, confusion, overwhelmed and a total failure. The more support that a woman connects with, the more her trust grows inside her and releases all the negative emotions that her chemical hormones plant inside her.
WOMEN yearn, for understanding, respect, devotion, reassurance, a soft touch of his lips to be cared for, to be admired, to feel equal leverage, and to feel loved genuinely.
WOMEN love to find their space through simple things such as: reading a book, listening to music, work in a garden, exercise (wink), get a massage, write a journal, watch a chick flick, take a bubble bath with lots of candles, chat with a girlfriend for a long time, go shopping, take a long walk, have a nice glass of wine, please their partner (wink), or simply just curl up on the couch and dream.
WOMEN are the heart of a relationship, they are the fantasy, they are the flower, the candles, the wine, the soft romantic music, the sexy outfit, the pleasure of joining as one, and they are the sweet smell of nature.

WOMEN are what men yearn for!
WOMEN are what men live for!
WOMEN are what men fall for!
WOMEN are what men kill for!
WOMEN are what men plan for!
WOMEN are what men fight for!
WOMEN are what men change for!
WOMEN are what nurture men!
WOMEN are what love men!
WOMEN are what relieve men!
WOMEN are what softens men!
WOMEN are what makes a man tick!
WOMEN are what a man NEEDS!
WOMEN are a Gift from God!
WOMEN complete men!

As much as women can be confusing, emotional, misguiding, clever, conniving, frustrating, crazy, annoying, downright nasty at times, cold, detached, and at times freaky, men have a way of just by a touch or a word to reach out and make them feel safe and loved.

I am proud to be the WOMEN in my mans life!
Are you?



Shinade said...

yes I am. I am a very lucky woman and also fit into every category you listed in your wonderful prose.

Wow did's fabulous!!

Hugs girlfriend!!:-)))

Veronica Lee said...

I love the picture of the mermaid and your post is awesome.

TradingBoss said...

Congratulation for women

Presiden Prabowo said...

Salam hangat untuk keluarga anda!

Ravyn said...

Why are so many of these things in terms of what we can do for men or can be in bed and not what we can do for ourselves? That the deep emotions are only the negative ones? That what we want - sorry, yearn for - is something only someone else can give? And why does this end with the idea that a man's just going to walk in and fix everything with just a touch?

I'm proud to be female, but I'm not sure I want to be one of these all-caps WOMEN. They sound a bit dependent.

sexy legs and body said...

Hi D, brilliant post, I agree with you, my wife is everything you mentioned and more. She really is my best friend and partner in everything.

PinkLady said...

I am proud to be a woman and everything that you have written about our specie... except that I don't have a man. LOL!

It's settled... The perfect human being has the perfect mind, body, heart and soul of a WOMAN. This is a lovely post and tribute to our kind!

Dorothy I have something for you at my blog. I hope you can drop by again soon to claim it.

Dorothy L said...

Hello Ravyn
I am sorry that you interpreted my thoughts to be so one sided.
I truly believe in the empowerment & independence of women and if you read any of my other articles that will be obvious.
My website is all about women and self-empowerment.
In this particular article I simply expressed all that we are and should be recognized as...more so for our male counterpart to recognize in a relationship.
Every single all-caps description is about what we are and can do for ourselves!
Like it or not we are the females of this world which is not saying that we are not independent of any male in our own right.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

marriage markers said...

well, i like the fact that i am behind my husband. :-)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

This is a great post, Dorothy, and so true. :)

Ravyn said...

Nah, I know what you're trying to do. This one just surprised me, given the overall message of this blog.

I'm still working on how a lot of these are things we do for ourselves, but that could just be the critic in me coming forth. I've always considered it my job to make people think, and this piece gave me a lot to think about. (And I'll admit to having been kind of twitchy by the end; it reminded me of my mindset back in my dependent phase, and we really don't want to go there, trust me.)

There's a lot more passivity there than you might think; I suppose I was looking for something more like the following.

My kind of women write, and learn, and look for the second meaning in everything because there always is one. We are creators--of art, and worlds, and products of the mind and hands. We search for higher truths, and deeper understanding, and a way to make our mark upon the world. When we are in despair, we comfort others or ourselves; we do not sit and wait, but seek out whatever it is we need. We are the seekers of answers and the keepers of wisdom. We try to remember the things that people too wrapped up in the modern world forget.

See the difference?

Dorothy L said...

Hey Ravyn
I am glad that you responded back. I have checked out your thoughts on your blog and I did sense a bit of an angst towards how I think. That is absolutely fine as we all should all see things makes for a much more diverse world.
We all have reasons and experiences that have molded who we are right now which in turn acts as a filter which interprets many things.
Perhaps I feel that more of what you said basically goes without saying considering that we do bear the children. I appreciate and respect your way of putting 'what woman are'.

I look forward to more of your thoughts!
You are very well penned by the way!


schizoshrink said...

Aww.. I love this post! Women rule! I just wish every one out there sees these facts and treat all women as they should.

Bob Johnson said...

Women are very cool.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Very nice post for all woman :)

Ms Recipe

mommytaf said...

Women Rocks!!!!!

hopeful said...

I am 100% proud of being a woman. Cheers!

Network Inside said...

Amazing Words about woman...

MsRay said...

Woman Power!!

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours too via my blogger dashboard.Looking forward to more visits to your fabulous blog.

tolearnfree said...

yes, we know that women make perfect the world. I as a men, is not able to life without woman. nice article and keep on dorothly

Game_Lover said...

Your perception boaut woman really nice

I love young woman :D cheer's

Walk With me said...

Being a woman is great!

Stormee said...

I have always love being a woman, and now to have the man of my life, my soulmate makes me feel even more blessed being a woman. This is a nice blog and I love what you have written about being a women.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

i am, too!!! i love the prose! u did great, really!

just as my man tells me i can never be a "woman" without "man", i am confident that man without a woman is loneliest. hehe... adam was, before eve came into existence! :)

kudos to all women!!!

David said...

That was beautiful. It is very true and real. As a man, I see that in women. And when a guy can't see that, he is not watching at all. Bravo.

axL said...

beautiful pic :-)

Thess said...

I so agree that women are God's gift to men, if only men knows how to care for these precious gift, and if only women know how precious we really are.

God bless!

ibdragon said...

My wife said I should say this post rocks LOL.
Seriously nice blog in general, good post in particular. I'm blessed with a wife who is my best friend, in spite of her kicking my butt on the golf course. My sons wives are butt kicking, career successful, loving great Moms. I am in awe of the women in my life. Keep up the good work! Your words may help a woman be what she can be.

Bradpetehoops said...

Girl power!

Bundeg Blog Magazine said...

Woman to me is someone that really means to me,.. Just like my mother who care to raise me up with her true love,.. :)

Mee mOe said...

I enjoy reading your posts, truly inspiring...again, thanks for visiting and reading my posts..have a wonderful Mother's day !!!

. said...

women are made to be LOVE LOVE LOVE