Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give The Gift Of Self-Esteem For Christmas

It is definitely moving in on us like a wonderful winter storm.
Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means.
It means that we have to think and re-think about what to get him and her, for Christmas.
It means that our energy levels will be stretched way out. With all the preparations and money spending that we all will be involved with, one thing is certain.
A kind word to boost our self-esteem and Christmas cheer will be more than welcomed by all. I have always been a firm believer in the fact that everyone loves to have a self-esteem boost. Even the most confident appearing person needs a little feel good nudge now and then.
If your piggy bank is low on jingle, or if you just do not know what to get that special someone for Christmas, why not try to just make them feel good about themselves. While shopping for that special gift, choose something that will send a self-esteem thought. A thought to just tell them that you are thinking about them and how much you treasure their friendship, or just their smile. You can send that in a card, either store bought or hand made by yourself. People are so lost these days in the real tradition of Christmas that they feel it is all in the gift and/or the price of the gift. A very sad thing.
I have always been the type of person to spend a few extra minutes and write what was in my heart when I sent cards out. Stores have very nice cards, but they can just seem to lack that personal touch. A hand made card will give them a special feeling and lets them know you took some extra time just for them.
Your gift, what ever it may be, should be a true show of your thoughts, and how special they are you. We all love to know that we are special in some way to others. If you want to send more than a card, then get inventive. Maybe you can support that certain someone in their desires to learn something new or add fun to their day. Throughout the year, if you were inquisitive enough, you may have stumbled onto their desire to start a new hobby or a new interest they wanted to start, but just never had that certain push to do it. You can be that push for them just buy making their gift a book or video with all the instructions they would need to fulfill that interest. There are all sorts of not so expensive craft kits out there also. Take a photograph of yourself being happy, or doing something silly. That is sure to send a very heart warming message and create a very nice smile.
Another way you can share your positive self-esteem is to simply invite a few friends over and bake some traditional ginger bread cookies, or a Christmas cake. Don't forget make some eggnog and share a Christmas baking cheer with each other. It's a very good Christmas feeling, one that is surely going to strengthen every ones self-esteem and Christmas cheer.
Remember to make time to visit your family and remind then how much you love them. It is after all Christmas time, a time of giving and spreading Christmas cheer. What better time to forget all the nonsensical family dynamics and just enjoy this special season as one heart and one appreciation of life.
Here is another way to put a nice self-esteem smile on a face.
Call someone that does not have a car and take them shopping with you. Maybe share a quaint bite to eat with them and tell them this is your Christmas Gift to them. They will surely remember this day. It's the people that expect nothing that really appreciate the smallest of gifts.
When did a good deed, hug or even just a smile and good cheer become so low on our Christmas List?
Are we only made to feel important by the value of a gift that we receive? That is such a sad notion. To show someone appreciation and love, is itself a true gift. It has no cash value. The value that it carries, is one of true positive meaning and the desire to make a person feel accepted and unique. How could this not make a persons self-esteem soar?
Christmas time is about giving and receiving.
When we give, we feel good in ourselves, so in actual fact we are receiving at the same time. We are receiving a positive feel of self-esteem, from the act of giving. To see a smile and to know that we have just made someone happy with our gift no matter how small it is, will definitely make us smile in return. Each of us who receives a gift, will experience those feelings of uniqueness. Our self esteem increases because we know that someone values us as a person. It is a true Christmas feeling, one that can spread positive self-esteem world wide.
Also, don't forget to treat yourself throughout the Christmas holidays!
Tell yourself that you deserve whatever your little heart desires.
Spoil yourself.
Take the opportunity to love yourself a little and thank God for who you are and for giving you His gift of life and be thankful for your family and your friends.
Remember to be thankful for the gift of Christmas! It truly is a day that brings everyone together to share their hugs and smiles! Lets all make our self-esteem a gift to give and receive.

I hope that this Christmas and your self esteem this holiday season, is the best one ever!

Christmas is a celebration of birth, so let us also celebrate the birth of a newer, stronger self-esteem, both for you and that special someone.

Merry Christmas to all, from all of us at

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Jacqueline said...

Self-esteem is the greatest gift anyone can have! :-)

Posh Post Reviews said...

i think the greatest gift that i could give this christmas is the help and support i can give a friend whose husband was jailed recently...i feel so bad for the family.

Flowersbythewayside said...

i agree...maybe i should start doing that spread good cheer this early. thanks dear!

Marriage Markers said...

for now, i am not thinking about myself, but what i am giving my husband. wanted to give him a laptop, he has been saving more than a year already...but still can't afford it.,

Therese Haberman said...

Thanks for a great message. I really like your blog. Therese

Anonymous said...

I know Christmas is fast approaching and I am thinking right now what should I give to my family as a gift for Christmas. And all I know right now is my Love for them. Thank you for sharing this one.

My Autism Insights said...

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I've been following your blog for a bit now and would like to pass along to you the "Sharer of Love" blog award. Check out for details. Feel free to participate, or not.
Have a great day!

gengen said...

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blissful weddings said...

wish to remember and follow all of these :) thanks for sharing

advance merry christmas

Nita said...

Thanks for dropping by!


anneberly said...

Wow everybody is excited on Christmas. I guess I should also be excited but unfortunately I am not.. I miss my country.

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Dorothy said...

Self esteem what a great message and great blog..wishing you well..

Dorothy from grammology

prama-its said...

Nice post ^^...I agree..I love Christmas day..Thanks

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reanaclaire said...

yes, actually it is not the price that is the effort to get something for our love ones.. more or less, the thought that counts..

OLLIE MCKAY ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Some great tips for all of us - thanks so much for sharing with everyone! May we each take the time to be a little more in tune to those aroudn us that are in need of a little more attention and love!! And Congrats on receving the "Sharer of Love" Blog award - you go girl!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy christmas to you

Duni said...

This is a lovely post.
I always make it a point to boost the self-esteem of people who are dear to me and also dearly need it! Unfortunately, in my country a lot of women seem to play the game of 'one-upmanship', which is sad. Well, at least I'm not going to be drawn into that!
Have a wonderful New Year!

take care